Sunday, November 28, 2010

Globe Spinning

Until I heard Jerry himself answer the oft-repeated question "Why Spain?" during our Thanksgiving visit with family in Eugene, Oregon, I had completely forgotten one important factor in the deeply researched and highly scientific process we used -- based on our initial criteria -- to determine our relocation options. 

After first agreeing that weather was of primary importance, we averaged the approximate latitude of San Diego and Palm Springs (our two favorite climates).  Jerry then spun a globe and marked a line through the areas corresponding to that latitude.  He then listed all the geographic areas encountered by his circle and we then, as you know, narrowed it down to Southern Spain.  A little more precise than just spinning a globe and pointing a finger.

This brilliant process was suggested by the intellectually organized and process-gifted Jerry (who can't keep his desk -- or any surface -- clean for more than 15 minutes).  His brain is a wonder.

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  1. Victor:
    Thanks so much for browsing and finding these old entries on my blog. I didn't have much a following when I first started writing, so it felt like more of a diary. It really helps to have the background I think when reading my current posts.

    We are definitely glad we chose Spain. I can't think of anyplace else I would rather have landed. As for how long... At this point, we say forever. It feels like home. I don't think we'll be in Sevilla forever but I don't know when we'll decide to move on. Right now (and that's always an important qualifier with us), we're thinking we'll eventually want to move to a small pueblo on the coast (Atlantic, Mediterranean... we don't know). Maybe in 2 years. 3... 5... We change our minds easily and often. But, like I said, moving here was an absolutely wonderful decision.


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