Saturday, June 4, 2011

From California to Wyoming

We have made it across California, through Nevada, the northwest corner of Arizona, a long stretch of Utah, and into the southwestern corner of Wyoming.  We're spending the night in the town of Evanston, Wyoming, population 12,000-give-or-take.  We just had a fairly mediocre dinner and both look forward to a good night's sleep.


We left Irvine Thursday afternoon and left Las Vegas behind this morning — after a brief stop at Red Rock Casino where I napped and Jerry gambled, earning enough to pay for our entire drive to South Dakota!  I usually don't encourage Jerry in this vice (because he needs no encouragement), but NICE JOB, JERRY!

My camera is packed safely somewhere in the car.  I have a knack for putting things "safely" away.  Unfortunately, they're usually so safe that even I can't find them.  I know where the camera is this time.  It's in a suitcase at the very bottom of the Rubik's cube Jerry brilliantly created to get our stuff to South Dakota.  So, photos from my iPhone will have to do as I chronicle our road trip.


We drove about 490 miles today, most of it through breathtaking scenery.  We plan to make our way tomorrow from here in the southwest corner of Wyoming diagonally across the state and leaving via the northeast corner — another 562 miles, I think.  We'll cross into South Dakota and settle in Sturgis (home of the annual motorcycle rally) for the night, which means we should make it into Pierre, South Dakota early-ish Sunday.  We're sure everyone is in shock, since we're known for making what should be a 2-hour-drive into a 6-hour drive.  To be honest, we surprised ourselves today.  Can't wait to get out of this altitude.  We're not good at 7,000 feet (2,100 meters).



  1. Oh wow, Mitchell! Utah looks breathtaking.
    Godspeed to you and Jerry! ♥♥♥

  2. What a lovely drive and experience as a parting gift for your life in the US. I'm always surprised at how decent shots come out from the i-Phone.

  3. Hello:
    It is so exciting to be travelling all these miles with you. And yes, the scenery looks to be wonderfully dramatic.

    Travel safely!

  4. Susan: Utah IS an amazingly beautiful state.
    Craig: Lots of great views to come. Too bad I was doing the driving through some of the most amazing scenery in northern Arizona. (Jerry wasn't in favor of my continuing to snap pictures.)
    J&L: I plan to do better with the photos today. Glad you're enjoying the ride and hope you don't mind all the potty stops we make!

  5. Thanks for taking me along the ride. Those are parts of the US I still want to see.

  6. Tippin: Thanks for coming along. It really is a beautiful, beautiful country. Sadly we don't much fit in in the places we've stayed, but the drive was spectacular.

  7. Miss the two of you already. Thanks for the updates. It looks like it turned out to be a beautiful trip and I'm happy Jerry's "effort" in Las Vegas paid off!

  8. Siri: We miss you, too. But you missed the point in the next blog when I explain that Jerry lost all his Vegas winnings in Deadwood...


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