Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dropping a Sock and Working on an Attitude

These last few days have been emotionally challenging — for no apparent reason except that sometimes the world just becomes too much for me. I can be very unkind to myself. This morning, as I was taking in some laundry — five pairs of socks and some underwear — from the clothesline outside the kitchen window, I tried to grab too much in my hands at once and one sock slipped through my fingers down to the courtyard below. The only access to the courtyard is through the apartment on the first floor and I hate to bother them since I know the other two neighbors are constantly losing clothing and clothespins that way (I've lost two clothespins). It must get really annoying. So, upon losing the sock, I lost "it" — fiercely gritting my teeth, biting my lower lip hard, and cursing myself out loud for my carelessness and stupidity. I didn't lose one of Jerry's socks (as if he would even care). I lost one of my own.

What I'm saying is I had a melt-down this morning. Over a sock. What I lost was an individual, casual, black GoldToe sock. I have perhaps two dozen (well now perhaps 23) casual, black, GoldToe socks remaining. Surely, it's the end of the world.


  1. Sometimes a sock is just a sock.

    And sometimes it's everything!

  2. Bob:
    Thanks for understanding. This morning, it seemed to be everything. It's becoming just a sock.

  3. Hello Mitch:
    It is, of course, so important to remember that it is, after all, just a sock and no doubt by the time you read this, that is exactly what it has become. Whatever, our advice would be to throw its matching partner into the courtyard since then at least the neighbours have a pair!!

  4. J&L:
    Yes, it is once again just a sock. I LOVE your idea of tossing its mate down for company. Maybe I should attach a note.

  5. So pleased to hear that you are feeling a little better Mitch. I am sending you lots of love, and positive energy. xx

  6. It wasn't the actual sock, of course. (I think Bob, above, is right.) I bet things had been building up inside which maybe you hadn't acknowledged or even been aware of. I'd surmise that the sock was the straw that broke....etc, something we all go through fairly regularly. However if it really WAS the sock and nothing but the sock then I'm speaking out of a lower part of my anatomy. ;-)

  7. Elaine:
    Just love and positive energy? No socks? Well, I guess I'll have to make do. (But I'm really grateful... and a bit pathetic!)

  8. They are being couriered over as we speak. x PS Not pathetic, human.

  9. Raybeard:
    Nope definitely wasn't just the sock. THAT would be really pathetic! And, oh, my poor camel; his back has been broken too many times to mention. (Lower part of your anatomy... Were you speaking out of your foot? ;-) )

  10. Elaine:
    You are a sweetheart. Sometimes I really hate human (in me at least)!

  11. Mitch! come to your a sock? you should hear what I have gone through in the past three BMW (supposedly reliable) had a light on the dashboard telling me it was getting over-heated. I took it to the dealer Saturday. I got out of there after paying for maintenance and the like for nearly 300 bucks. As I started to pull into the garage on my way back...another light goes off...tire was flat. Had to tow it back to the dealer. Another $600 on Monday. Tuesday the cooling light went off again and this time it was close to $800 for a new radiator and thermostat.
    Then the exterminator came and I had to shed $600...the phone broke and I am on my way to buy a new dial tone for 3 days. And it is not the service because I have internet.
    Mom mom flies in tonight from the Dominican Republic adding to my already altered state of distress.
    I want to pack my bags, get on a plane and disappear for two months.

  12. Raulito:
    Well, Jeez! Didn't you read the entire post? It was a GoldToe sock!!!

    It's amazing how I cope with major disasters in my life sometimes better than I do with a dropped sock.

    So sorry about all you've been dealing with (but someone else might say... Well YOU have a BMW). And the return of La Gran Dama Eloi to boot. I can understand the desire to disappear. I sometimes feel that way on the best of days. Abrazos!

  13. Sock it to me. I know, I'll go to my room.

  14. It's just a combination of things, just watch out you don't lose sock #23 too. On the other hand sock #24 could be deposited in your mail box just as we speak.

  15. May I thoroughly recommend a bamboo cane, some cord and a fish-hook? You'll have your sock back in no time! Just make sure no-one sees you.

  16. As they say, "It was the straw that broke the camels back." I hear you and send you lots of hugs across the pond. Hope to Skype soon.

  17. Peter:
    It would be funny if I tossed down sock #23 to keep it company only to find sock #24 in my mailbox. Then I'd have to toss down #22 to keep #23 company. And so it would go...

  18. The Owl Wood:
    This is very funny. I had just had the same idea while talking with Jerry. But apparently I live in much more modern times. I said I needed a fishing rod and reel.

  19. Nubian:
    I've said it before. My poor camel!

  20. Check the mailbox before you toss #23! ;)

  21. Peter:
    Not to worry. I will hold onto #23 since there's always the possibility #22 will join #24 in the courtyard one day.

  22. Unless it was REAL gold on the toe of that sock, I would write it off, have a good big glass of wine and forget about it. If it was real gold, where the heck do you shop? (Just kidding)
    Or, you could say to yourself, now I have a spare for the other 11 pairs.

  23. Archguy:
    Yes, a spare is the-glass-is-half-full approach. And, come to think of it, maybe they don't mean it's real gold...

  24. Mitch,
    I really hope it wasn't your FAVORITE Gold Toe, Black Sock. I know how frustrating that can be because the other 47 just don't measure up. I hate that. I have a similar story. Rented a beautiful apartment in Venice, Italy for a week. 5th floor walk up, so that was fun. The apartment had a washer but no dryer, so I used the clothes line out the kitchen window, it was attached to the other side of the building with a pretty nasty, run down courtyard at the bottom. Washed, hung, dried all the clothes.

    As I was pulling in the clothing, I dropped several pairs of my Partners and my Daughter's Underwear. Well my partner didn't care, after all he hates to wear underwear, but my Daughter, that was another story. You would have thought I shot the Pope or something. I said, don't worry we can just go out and get you some more. No Way. She wanted those panties and immediately before someone saw them.

    I got in trouble a lot on that trip. I wrote about another problem during that trip called Ever been in Hot Water? Not if your traveling with me!

    Anyhow, I hope your day got better, I hear the best remedy to a bad is to go out and buy a pair of new socks.


  25. Scott:
    Now that you mention it, it was definitely my favorite GoldToe sock. I'm sure of it. Your Venice stories are hilarious. I will definitely not let you anywhere near our water heater.

  26. Well, you know it isn't REALLY about dropping a sock. I have days like this every so often and I hate them. It is just life catching up to you and overwhelming you. I find that a good nap and a brisk walk often help to clear the feelings away. Hope things get better!

  27. Jenners:
    I used to think I'd outgrow this. That ship has sailed! The brisk walk usually works for me, too.

  28. Welcome to the 'human race'! And I thought you were PERFECT!!!! Well, I'll have to switch gears on this one!
    I am not making light of this Mitchell just attempting to show the humour of our 'humanness' sometimes.
    I would definitely get the sock back......imagine all the 'loot' that they will have! lol It could have been underwear you know.

    1. Jim:
      I've been pressing for superhuman my entire life. You'd think I'd get over it. And, definitely, please make light of it. I try to.

      If it were underwear, I'd probably go after it. Our upstairs neighbor's maid regularly loses things on their line. Quite often our line catches them. I've returned a men's dress shirt and a pair of panties. (The panties were a bit embarrassing -- I put them in a bag before returning -- I'm pretty sure they were hers and not his.)


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