Friday, November 2, 2012

D.D. Phone Home

Still no word from The Dowager Duchess (DD). Cell phones right now are useless. Am I obsessing a bit? As they say in South Dakota, "You betcha!" The most recent news is that her co-op's power plant suffered serious damage (and a possible gas leak) and the co-op is being evacuated.

It could be two or more weeks before the power plant is operational again, while other parts of the neighborhood have already had their power restored. Historically (more than 45 years), it's been a benefit to the co-op to not rely on city power. We sure gloated during the 1965 blackout when we were living life as usual while the entire city around us was dark.



Everyone was supposed to have evacuated before the storm, but hindsight is 20/20.

My mother has friends in neighborhoods more mildly impacted, but I don't know if she'll get to one of them or to a shelter. So, right now it sucks to be 3,500 miles away. Some very thoughtful old friends of mine in Brooklyn and the vicinity are getting the word out to track down the Dowager Duchess. I'm very grateful. It's also comforting to know that my mother's neighbors were all as stubborn as she was. There's safety in numbers. She's not alone!

It's also good to know that, although it will be a long slow walk, she has managed to stay physically fit enough to walk down those 17 flights of stairs, with lots of resting along the way. She's a survivor. When we finally do talk, she'll probably say, "I don't know what you were so worried about!"

So, Dowager Duchess, when you finally do get to catch up on all the blog posts, I hope it's a comfort to you that all three of your boys have been obsessing thinking about you!

And by the way, your grand-niece Lindsey had a beautiful, healthy baby girl yesterday (with help from grand-nephew-in-law Mark)! Congratulations on being a great-great-aunt... again! And congratulations to Carol and Paul on their first grandchild and to Al on being an uncle for the first time!

The baby is not named Sandy.


  1. I'm hoping you will hear from your Mom soon! How great that she is such a strong person and how great that she has sons and friends all concerned about her. But it may take time to get word back to you with all the phones so out of order. I've heard great things about New Yorkers helping one another during this big mess....

  2. I keep watching the news and everyone says no one survives or comes together better in a crisis than New Yorkers...and I think it is very sweet that your I mean think of her...I would too.

    Hugs Mr B :)

  3. We'll be thinking good thoughts about the DD from down here in Smallville and hope you hear from her soon!

  4. I'm holding a good thought for you and the Duchess. Just think of the stories she will have for you!

  5. Sure hope you hear from your Mother soon. I finally heard from my daughter last evening. (they live near West Point). She was stuck in San Diego as the NY/NJ airports were closed until yesterday... so her husband and older daughter had to do all the storm prep. Your Mother has probably been like Donna... too busy trying to get organized to give anyone a call.

  6. I wonder if DD is frustrated at not being able to reach you. I hope you hear from her soon, if only to calm your nerves.

  7. You are so right Mitch, DD will probably say,'you worry too much'!
    I remember seeing that post back in September and thinking how clean it was....what a difference now!
    Hang in there Mitch.

  8. I just know DD will be fine. With your account of so many good friends....she will be sort of living the Life of Riley...well maybe not that much...but she will be safe with a roof over her head, food and love!

  9. Good grief … I'm sure you won't feel good until you talk to her in person. Keeping fingers crossed.


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