Saturday, July 25, 2015

It Ain't Necessarily So

My Mother The Dowager Duchess is recovering exceptionally well from her back surgery. Every test returns with perfect results. She spent most of the day out of bed and in a recliner. She even took the few steps to the recliner, walking for the first time in nearly three weeks. She'll begin physical therapy no later than Monday.

The only problem right now is a case of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Psychosis. Really a combination of being in the ICU and receiving morphine-based pain meds. I've been assured that this is temporary and, even amid the moments of confusion, my mother still manages to smile most of the time and be, truly, "The Dowager Duchess."

Early Friday Morning
Dowager Duchess (DD): I don't belong here with these people.
Nurse: Why?
DD: They're not my class of people. Just look at her! She's not even wearing a top!
Nurse: But who are all these people you're talking about? You're in a private room.
DD: I'm in a private room?
Nurse: Of course.
DD: Well, if I'm in a private room, what are you doing here?!?

This afternoon, my mother had me move a chair in her room three times to "find the redhead." Finally, she told me to recline the back of the chair so I could see the redhead.

I said, "But it's not a recliner."

"Well it was this morning!" she snapped.

It ain't necessarily so...


  1. LOL! Laughing with your mother....certainly not at her!!
    She won't believe a word of this when she reads it!
    So happy that your mother is doing so well, Mitchell.
    Once these drugs wear off she will be home in no time by the sounds of things.
    All the best.

  2. If your mother wasn't the real life Dowager Duchess someone would have to make her up! She's fabulous....
    Leslie in NJ

  3. I have days like that, and I am not even in ICU!

  4. Oooh, that brings back memories of my Mother's experiences from her last surgery. It was truly horrible; she couldn't sleep for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch. She was on a bad, bad trip that it took her a while to come back from. Entertaining during the day, similar to the DD, but at night it was terrifying for her, the staff, and her family. Just be there for the DD to comfort her and don't expect her to be rational. Hold tight for the ride; I hope it is a short one. Thinking of all of you, or as we southerners say "thinking of all y'all." Take care.

  5. Forgot to mention - one of the things that eased my mother's psychosis was to look at old family photos and to talk about times past. She was still wacky, but it was a "safe" topic that seemed to calm and anchor her.

  6. My hubby can't do morphine, did once after a nose operation and thought his heart was exploding and that he was going to die (normally a reasonable man). I had to hold his hand and walk him through it for 3 hours. Never again - we always ask for alternate meds when in a similar situation as nothing seems to do this to him except morhine. I hope this passes quickly for her.

  7. Glad to hear the DD hasn't lost any of her vim and vigor.

  8. Good news Love from Poland DD

  9. I read this:

    DD: Well, if I'm in a private room, what are you doing here?!?

    And thought it sounded like something I might say, WITHOUT the morphine-based meds!

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  11. Oh, I hope things have improved :)
    I'm going to be THIIIIISSSS much closer to the world of Mitchell/San Geraldo/D.D./the kid brother, starting later this week: headed east for my niece's wedding in NJ, but starting off in Vermont and Massachusetts for a bit :) I'll try yelling a big hello somewhere close to NY as we drive down to NJ on the 6th :) Maybe you'll hear me :)

  12. Happy to hear she is recovering and doing well. My best wishes to her.


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