Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jerryism #4

It just doesn't always connect with his mouth.

Jerryisms.  Malapropisms.  Fractured American idioms.  Spoonerisms.  I've thought of putting together a book of Jerry's most entertaining verbal fumbles.

"WE HAVE DEEP DEPTH." — Yogi Berra

We got to Peet's a bit late Tuesday morning, as if we were back in Sevilla; it was almost noon when we finally arrived for our morning coffee.  While we were there we were joking with two of our favorite baristas, Breezy and Natalie, about Jerryisms.  And that reminded me of one from a few years back.


When we  made our move in the late '90s from San Diego to San Francisco, we decided to take a leisurely drive up the coast instead of stuffing ourselves onto a plane.  We boarded the cats with a service that would fly them up to San Francisco once we arrived.  We felt a little guilty, but decided it would be a much more pleasant drive without two stressed-out cats yowling incessantly from the back seat.  We spent two nights on the road — for what should have been a one-day drive.  Our first night was spent 3-1/2 hours up the coast in Santa Barbara.

While we were getting ready for bed that night, Jerry intoned:

"Kitties, I'm communicating with you telepathetically."

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