Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist

While Jerry was still working but not long before we left Irvine, we went clothing shopping.  Among our purchases, were several new pairs of a variety of brands of underwear for Jerry.  He prefers Lycra-blend boxer briefs — his favorite brand being Under Armour, while I like the fit of low-rise cotton briefs by Kenneth Cole, DKNY, and Calvin Klein.  Probably more information than I should be sharing, but it helps the story.

In Jerry's new assortment were two pairs of Nautica boxer briefs.  One day, when he came home from work, I was sitting and visiting with Jerry while he changed out of his work clothes and into jeans and a T-shirt.  He took off his pants and as he walked across the room I noticed something odd.

"Jerry," I commented, "your underwear is on backwards."

He immediately looked down at the front, then twisted to look at the back and replied, "What?  No, they're not.  The label is in the back."

I said, "Well, so are the Y-front and the pouch."  I was stunned as I stared at the obviously awkwardly fitting boxer briefs.  "Don't they seem to be shaped kind of funny to you?"

He took them off, inspected them, and realized I was right, although he couldn't comprehend why the designer would move the label to the front of the waistband when everyone else puts it on the back.  "Ludicrous," he said.

I agreed it was an odd thing to do, but couldn't stop laughing and told him I couldn't imagine going an entire day without realizing something was wrong. I teased him about not even knowing how to dress himself.

The next day, Jerry was getting dressed for work and I walked into the room just as he was pulling up his pants. 

"Jerry," I said, as I stared at his waistband.

"What?" he responded distractedly as he continued to pull up his pants.

"Jerry," I said, more pointedly nodding my head and rolling my eyes in the direction of his waistband.

"What?" he demanded.

I responded slowly, enunciating carefully, "Your underwear is on backwards."

Over several weeks, I shared the story often and Jerry was a very good sport about it.   Even when it happened again.  Yes, three times!  And some days after that, he came home from work and dropped his pants to display boxer briefs with the brand name "Levis" stitched repeatedly around the waist band.  Backwards.  He had those on inside out.  What a dolt!  It's a good thing he's cute (well, among other fine qualities).

Wednesday morning in Málaga, we got up early.  We both set aside our clothes for the day (underwear, socks, jeans, shirts, belts) and then packed the rest for the trip back to Sevilla.  After I showered and shaved, I began to get dressed.  But I couldn't find the underwear I had set aside.  It was not with my other clothes for the day.

Jerry was already dressed and sitting at his computer checking email.  I muttered that I must have repacked the underwear I had set out for myself and I pulled another pair of underwear from my bag and slipped them on.  When they were up around my knees, I looked down and noticed something peculiar.  I was already wearing the missing pair of underwear.

Jerry and I were meant for each other.


  1. Hello Mitch:
    What can we think, let alone say? And that about the underwear! On the rest, we remain silent!

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  2. J&L:
    And I'll bet you're grateful I didn't include photos.

  3. Oh could you guys be any more cute? that is the most adorable story I've heard in awhile....

    but karma, she is a bitch, LOL

    hugs friend

  4. David:
    Does she (Karma) make underwear, too? (Yes, she is what you say!)

  5. You two are both a mess! ha!

  6. Mark:
    David thinks we're cute! (Then again, maybe he thinks we're a cute mess.)

  7. Actually I was waiting to request the photos thinking someone sluttier than I would first!
    Just get those thongy things, and he'll always know where the string part goes, RIGHT? RIGHT? LOL

    This is better than the LUCY show!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Theaterdog:
    But, could those "thongy things" be any more uncomfortable with the string in the front? I supposed I'd have some 'splainin to do. (I'm wearing ONE PAIR of Kenneth Coles today, by the way.)

  9. Hilarious! Can't relate to doing

  10. Jim:
    I look forward to the day you share your own underwear stories.

  11. It's a good thing you two dolts found one another!

    What hilarious stories!

  12. This is why I prefer not to wear Underwear. Their all too complicated. I have more important things to worry about every day, like making up new words (usropean) LOL


  13. Scott:
    I've never been comfortable with "going commando"!

    Usropean? I just looked at your blog post. Very fun. I haven't visited Seville, Ohio, but I don't think I'd prefer it to the Seville we're in right now.

  14. LOL, I never said they would be the same. That whole post came out of a comment from a cousin on Facebook. She wasn't very happy with me that I was planning more traveling Europe she I should be "staying home and spending my money to help America". Such a republican., but I love her. Now, this is of course coming from someone who has only left Oklahoma a few times. So I think she misses the point of traveling abroad and fully appreciate the different cultures throughout the world. So out of that was born, Usropean Travel. Quite creative I think.


  15. Just one of those insignificant events that actually add another connection to a relationship.

    Well done for making a story about putting boxers on the wrong way around interesting, that is a talent

  16. Pity that Sean's blog with his 'Undie Monday' feature is now defunct, (though I'm clinging on to the thought that it, and much better still, HE will return). Then, if Jerry had submitted pics, we could all have had a titter - especially if he'd shown us a 'Y' at the back. But which of us hasn't done the same thing, at least once?

  17. Yup. Once upon a time men's underwear was simple and easy. Then we were emancipated. I have some that I always have to check to make sure I'm putting them on right; they have a very subtle printed-on label inside the back and no fly. But I DO notice if they're on backwards. Most of the time.

  18. Raybeard:
    The Y-back was especially comical. But no contributions to "Undie Monday" from us (although it was a tempting photo op).

  19. Walt the Fourth:
    I'll bet you'll check very carefully from now on. As far as Jerry knew -- until I told him different -- his were on correctly, too!

  20. I love this. Giggling out loud. Thank you for the morning pick me up.

  21. Leon and I have a 14 year age difference. The things he used to chide me about - I now often catch him doing and don't let him forget it! And the powers that be KEEP CHANGING the tried and true. Who can keep up?

  22. FDeF:
    When Jerry was 35 and I was 30, I was teasing him about his age and he said, "Just wait. One day, you'll be 35, too." I said, "Yeah, but you'll be 40." I won that time. Sure can't use that anymore.


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