Monday, November 7, 2011

Chocolate Donuts and Safe Sex

Jerry and I went out for a quick cup of coffee this evening with Teré.  She had just finished work and, before heading home, wanted a little pastry to hold her over until dinner time.  The café we went to has great tapas, but only packaged pastries, so Teré got a package of Madeleines (Magdalenas) and Jerry and I split a package of two chocolate glazed donuts.

While we ate, Teré commented that normally you would only buy donuts fresh the day they are baked, but now they have these packaged ones.  I commented in Spanish that all we were eating were "preservativos" and Teré burst out laughing.  What could be so funny about preservatives, I thought.  Teré explained that what I really meant was "additivos." Well, that obviously means additives.  But, what could be so funny about what I said.  I was simply being more specific.  Teré was still laughing.

Preservativos are condoms.


  1. Hello Mitch:
    Well, now we know!!!

    Your blog posts are rapidly becoming an essential guide for all travellers to Spain. We should certainly not wish to leave home without it!!

  2. Oh dear.
    That could stir up some interesting conversations!

  3. So you can get them glazed in chocolate now the Mitch?

    Think of the calories!! (although I guess they'd be burnt off fairly rapidly) ;-)

  4. Bob:
    And it's only taken me four months to learn this.

  5. Chris:
    Well, I don't know for certain about glazed, but any flavor preference apparently... I must be living under a rock.

  6. Don't choke on them! Take it from me, it's no fun.

  7. If Tere is ever depressed don't offer her consolation (consolador) in Spanish it is a dildo.

    love your blog


  8. Raulito:
    I love it! Thanks so much for the warning. I will tell her tomorrow when I order a cup of coffee that she doesn't have to worry about that one!

  9. Haha! Love it! And love Raulito's comment too.

  10. Same in French. That's one you learn pretty quickly.

  11. Josh:
    Another of life's embarrassing moments.

  12. Judith:
    I am especially grateful for Raulito's comment. That is definitely a word I would have tried to use at some point.

  13. Walt the Fourth:
    I wonder if it took you four months to learn it.

  14. LOL. :) Are they chocolate covered too?

  15. Writer:
    Chocolate "flavored," apparently. No nuts... well...

  16. Hilarious! Mitch, you are learning the language one word at a time!

  17. Jim:
    Sadly, these are the words I remember the first time. The important words (or at least the ones I need to use on a daily basis) constantly slip my mind.

  18. Chocolate and sex, best combination. Ever.

  19. Nubian:
    With preservativos, of course!

  20. True Story:

    Once, long before I was with my partner, I was a serial dater. On one date, I mentioned that I had a rug in my basement that I needed brought up to the first floor but it was too heavy. He offered to help me, so we went to my house for a drink after the movie. As we were sitting on the sofa with our drinks, he kept moving closer to me and I knew that soon he would move in for the kissing part. But, I REALLY wanted that rug brought up first before things got hot and heavy. So,I smiled at him sweetly and meant to say, "So, are you ready to go down to the basement?

    Instead, I said, "So, are you ready to go down on me in the basement?"

  21. Maria:
    And I'm not going to ask...

    Just imagine the trouble you'd get into in Spanish.


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