Monday, November 21, 2011

Exercising My Demons

I am trying to get back into the habit of working out regularly.  Obviously, it's great to stay in shape, but it's also really important for my mental health.  And some days, my mental health can really use some help.  I used to love to work out and I would do it religiously.  Lately, I just can't seem to find my groove.  A month ago, I took a one-month trial membership at a nearby gym.  It was great and I would return from my workouts energized, but I then I couldn't get motivated to put on my gym clothes and walk the five minutes to get there.  Since we'll be traveling in early December, I've decided to wait until we return before I make another financial commitment at the gym.  So, I try to exercise at home.  Part of the problem is that I've been avoiding committing to any kind of regular schedule for most activities.  I came into this with the attitude that I was retired and I could do whatever I want whenever I want.  It's a fun concept, but not necessarily a very healthy way to live.  I think it's time to create some kind of schedule for myself and then stick to it.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get into the habit of taking a good healthy walk regularly, at a fast clip.  Thursday, I walked along the water.  More than two miles (3.5 km) in less than a half hour, and that included two quick pauses for photos.  The walk was invigorating and I discovered a bit more of the city that I hadn't yet explored.  I'll have to build this into my new schedule, as well.


I walked past the Olympic Stadium,which is across the river, actually between two branches of the river (the Canal de Alfonso XIII and the Guadalquivir River), on the island of La Cartuja.  Olympic Stadium from Expo 92 sits on La Cartuja and the Alamillo Bridge takes you there.  The bridge, completed in 1992, is another wonderful opportunity to contrast the old and the new in Sevilla.


It was a glorious afternoon and I saw a crew team out practicing.  Seeing that crew speed by was an inspiration, but I think I'll stick to walking.  Unlike Tina Turner, since leaving my (good?) job in the city, I usually prefer to take things nice...  and... easy.

I wonder if it's time for my siesta.


  1. Who can blame you not wanting to go to the gym after spending all day taking care of the kids. Wait! That's right, you don't have kids! Then what the hell's your problem?
    Walking is the best exercise though. Good for you!

  2. Mark:
    Just the thought of you taking care of four kids exhausts me and I need to go lie down. THAT'S the problem.

  3. I think waling is the best exercise, because you actually GET somewhere, and see some things.

    I take a daily constitutional....which makes me sound like an eighty-year-old man!!

  4. The incomparable and wonderful Tina Turner!

    I find it helps to have a little competition when exercising and, as I have only recently discovered that I am deeply competitive, I am perfectly happy to try to beat myself! Sad really.

    Enjoy your travelling.

  5. Bob:
    Well, Old Man, I agree. I definitely prefer being outside on a constitutional rather than inside on a treadmill.

  6. Elaine:
    I agree about needing some competition. And I think it's a lot healthier if the competition is oneself.

  7. I had a chuckle at the pun in the post title, Mitch! I'm back to reading blogs again now that my eyesight is sorted out, and I think I need to get back into exercising too. I agree that walking is an excellent way to exercise, plus as Bob says you actually get somewhere. Now if I could actually take that step away from the computer ... working on it!

  8. Judith:
    Thanks for appreciating the pun. I'm waiting for someone to tell me I spelled exorcising wrong.

    I'm so glad your eyes are better! Why not just take a walk over to Sevilla?

  9. It's a good idea to stay in shape Mitch. Getting some land and digging it over top to bottom three times a year should help. It has nearly killed me though lol.

    Expo '92? Travelled there on the slow trains, through France and then through the heart of Spain - brilliant. Even tried to pick up a gorgeous Spanish policewoman at one of the pavilions - excruciating!

  10. Chris:
    And I was a certified personal trainer in an earlier life. You'd think I'd have no problem with motivation.

    No thanks to land and digging. Been there, done that. Ended up with Lyme Disease, mosquito bites, and bed-rest (after losing control of a gas-powered augur). For now, give me the city life!

    I've heard there's a better chance of success when attempting to pick up gorgeous Spanish policewomen if you wait until they're off duty.

  11. That bridge is one of the great designs by Santiago Calatrava.

  12. Walking is great. As you know, Ken and I each walk our Callie every day. Two walks for her, one for each of us. That 30-45 minute walk through the vineyards, woods, and fields is a great daily exercise routine. If it weren't for the dog, we probably wouldn't do it and weigh many kilos more.

    As for working out, muscles and stuff, well, neither one of us is a gym person. I used to have a set of free weights at home that I'd use semi-regularly, but I never did enough to actually be able to kick sand in someone's face at the beach, if you know what I mean. ;)

  13. Peter:
    I should have provided that bit of information. Thanks!

  14. Walt the Fourth:
    The consensus appears to be that having a dog is a great way to stay healthy.

    I was a personal trainer in Santa Barbara for a little over a year. I loved it and, since I was at the gym every day, I was in the best shape of my life. But still not a sand-kicker.

  15. On my first trip to Seville, I went out on a boat and got my first view of that magnificently elegant bridge from the water and passing under it. Absolutely stunning. Calatrava is a favorite architect of mine -- when he appeared at MIT, our Architecture school reserved a comfortable but moderately sized lecture hall for him to speak. Students were lined up through the halls and up stairwells. They had to use other rooms and video feeds for he overflow -- he was a hero to the students.

  16. Imagine that...Cher and Tina Turner in the same video and the only 2 Divas we've seen should we see Oprah?
    Maybe... now exercise keeps the mind from disintegrating in to a useless get out there and walk...we do everyday...of course Sophie is the it or else!

  17. sophie...^5... ron:
    We saw Tina Turner live in LA (but not performing) in 1983. We were friends with someone well-connected in Hollywood at the time and got invited to the opening of "Tootsie" at the Chinese Theater. Tina was just about to make her big comeback. We walked in on the red carpet right behind her. She was larger than life.

  18. Will:
    I would love to take one of those boat rides; maybe in the spring (although much less touristy right now). I'm going to have to read up on Calatrava!

  19. So cool very own Tina Moment!

  20. Ron:
    But you should have seen the looks I got as I danced along the path tossing my hair (OK, no comments about "what hair?")

  21. I know, I've been tardy with your posts!
    Now Mitch, if you wondered how Tina got those legs of hers, just imagine the legs you would get from a daily walk along that gorgeous river!!! Push over Ms.Turner, here comes Mr.Bloke!

  22. Jim:
    Well, I don't know if I'd aim for those legs, but the stamina is admirable!


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