Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jerryism #6

There are a couple of expressions that might provide some insight into the particular Jerryism I'm about to share. 

The first expression, "Cock of the walk," is usually used to describe a man who acts as if he is more fashionable, important, brilliant, etc., than other people.

The second expression, "As nervous as a rooster in a hen house,"  has many variations.  No explanation needed, I think.

Yesterday, I shared some art here. One work reminded me of a conversation Jerry and I had before we left Irvine.  We were talking about someone at the university who thought quite a bit of himself.  He was pompous, arrogant, and rude.  Jerry summed things up:


"He thinks he's got the biggest cock in the hen house."


  1. LOL! Jerry is probably right though :)

  2. Jo:
    I hadn't actually thought of that. He probably DID think so.

  3. I think I rather like your Jerry! Brilliant. I can quite see why that piece of art would bring that to mind.

  4. Elaine:
    It's hard NOT to like Jerry. (And there's also the entertainment value.)

  5. Hi there sport:
    Here is one for you that might come in handy: "Se cree que es la última Coca-Cola en el desierto"
    Which basically would have a similar meaning.

    enjoy majo tío

  6. Raulito:
    I love it. Thanks! And I finally learned an expression here that could actually be easily translated to make sense in English. When someone brags, you say: "No tiene abuela." (You don't have a grandmother to sing your praises, which must be why your singing them yourself.)

  7. Until I see a hen with a cock, I'll have to assume that he's right.

  8. I love that!
    Reminds me of Carlos-isms, like: 'It's a storm in a glass of water' which roughly translates into English as 'It's a tempest in a teapot.'

  9. Bob:
    And I love that! Carlos and Jerry would understand each other perfectly.

  10. Here is another one for you that I think is cute:
    "Con paciencia y vaselina se la metió el el elefante a la hormiga"
    translation: with patience and vaseline the elephant stuck it to the ant.
    saludos majo


  11. Raulito: Ja ja! I may not get much use of that one, but I'll at least share it with my friends when we meet for a drink tomorrow afternoon.

  12. Now this is the way to study a new language...
    Just mention cocks and vaseline, throw in a few street phrases, and it makes learning fun!
    Works for me.
    Buenos Boys!

  13. Theaterdog:
    Well, it IS entertaining. But I wouldn't say I learned any useful words or phrases that helped me buy art supplies today!

  14. I just snorted. Out loud! I heart Jerry.

  15. Funny! A very safe statement to make! lol

  16. Jim:
    Now that you mention it... Poor Jerry, this does seem to get funnier as it gets passed along. Meanwhile, he continues to provide my with fodder for future Jerryism posts. I cant' keep up!


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