Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Malaga, The Return Trip: Sometimes, Seats Do Face Forward

Yes!  For our return trip via train from Malaga to Sevilla, I persevered and asked for seats that faced in the direction we would be traveling.  The gruff, this time, ticket agent said he would try but couldn't guarantee it.  So, we expected the same old same old.  We were so sure we had once again been unsuccessful that even after we got on the train and found that our seats did in fact face the apparently correct direction, we were convinced that the train was going to pull out of the station and then reverse direction (which is a possibility since this Malaga station is not a "drive-thru").

Oh, ye of little faith.  We didn't have to change seats.


The Cousin of the Germ sat down in front of us for the last half hour of the two hour and thirty-eight minute ride, but she was spraying her TB on the guy in front of her.  I don't think we were exposed.


We were both kind of tired today, so didn't have the energy to do lots of wandering around Malaga.  We did head to another neighborhood (away from the old center) to check things out and we loved what we saw.  My mother will be pleased to know they even have Dunkin Donuts... well, Dunkin Coffee in Malaga.  She thinks their coffee is better than Starbuck's or Peet's, so we gave it a try.  We had a couple of donuts while we were at it: Boston Cream.  I wasn't however sold on the coffee.  Spain's cafe con leche is my new best friend.


On our way back to our hotel we came upon Malaga's public market (Mercado Central de Atarazanas).  Another exciting place and it makes Jerry want to cook.  It just makes me want to look around, take some pictures, and maybe buy some dried fruit.  It's a beautiful building with stunning stained glass inside.


So, with our brief visit to Malaga complete, we're pretty sure it's where we'll end up living.  The weather was not glorious — rain and gray for our visit.  But the air off the Mediterranean smelled fresh and it was definitely much milder than Sevilla.  It's a very easy city to get around.  Great shopping, for those who care.  Beautiful beaches, which are probably insane during "season."  Lots of available housing at very good prices.  There are two train stations.  The RENFE station that we went in and out of is beautiful.  And there are an amazing number of museums, including the Picasso Museum, that will keep us busy and happy for a good long time. 


We also have our new favorite book store (music store, electronics store) called FNAC (pronounced EFF-KNOCK).  It's French-owned and there's also one in Sevilla.  They even have live performances in their little cafe.  We caught a great performance at FNAC in Sevilla over the weekend by a group called Contradanza.  They are a small Sevillian band that puts a different spin on traditional, folk, and flamenco Andalusian music.  We enjoyed their music so much that we bought their latest CD "Tentenelaire.”  Jerry is going to learn all the lyrics by heart and sound fluent in Spanish... except that Jerry has never learned ANY lyrics by heart to even sound fluent in English.

Jerry is relaxing and reading and I'm about to work on my attitude so that we can go out to dinner tonight and I can be pleasant company instead of being tired, cold, and crabby.  Keep a good thought for Jerry.


  1. Fun! Hector and I have friends who live near Malaga (in Canillas de Aceituno, if you can believe such a name)and we have considered checking it out too. The climate is indeed great.

  2. Glad you liked Malaga. We wandered the public market and found it amazing. I know why Jerry was ready to start cooking!

  3. I didn't know la FNAC existed outside of France! In French it's pronounced just like it's spelled: fnack. la Fédération nationale d'achats des cadres. It was the go-to store for schoolbooks when I was a student in Paris back in *cough* 1981.

  4. @wcs... We didn't know how to pronounce "FNAC" in Spanish (or any other language), so I asked the sales clerk in Malaga. What a great place! (I wasn't yet born in 1981 *COUGH*.)

    @Phyllis... Got to get Jerry another cookbook when we get home (something else to pack).

    @Steve... Canillas de Aceituno looks beautiful.

  5. Glad you liked Malaga (too). I'm still waiting for my visado. I'm shooting for Manilva (further down the coast, past Marbella and Estepona, but before Gibraltar and Sotogrande).


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