Monday, January 3, 2011

We Left Las Vegas with a Small Fortune


Actually, neither of the preceding statements is true.  But at least we have, finally and permanently, left Las Vegas.  It wasn't the happiest chapter in our lives, and that chapter is now very happily closed.  We made our final trip back Tuesday and drove home Saturday in a rented cargo van carrying the few antiques and family heirlooms that we had in storage.  The drive from Irvine to Vegas on Tuesday in the empty van was noisy and bouncy.  Jerry took three Dramamine along the way and still felt the need to do all the driving.  The return trip in a van lightly filled with furniture heavily wrapped in moving blankets was much less noisy and a bit less bouncy.  Jerry took only two Dramamine but still left me to ride shotgun.

We thought driving back from Vegas on New Year's Day would be a good idea.  Most people would be too hung over to be making the trip home.  We were right.  We passed just a few die-hards heaving on the tumbleweeds at the side of the road.

Instead of taking some random photos along the way, I should have been taking shots of those poor unfortunates as well as the drivers I saw texting with one hand and holding a cup of coffee in the other as they passed us as if we were standing still.  They were easy to spot because they were veering wildly and not holding to their lanes.


The highlight for me, however, was the woman driving the red Dodge Caliber.  She was driving slightly slower than our 70 mph, but was still having a very difficult time staying in her lane.  As we approached, I noticed she had a silver metal Jesus fish on the back of her car right next to a large "Support Our Troops" ribbon decal.  Opposite those were a sticker that read, "Christians aren't perfect.  Just saved." and another that read simply "JESUS."  Well, when I peered down into her car from my birds-eye view as we drove by, I saw that she was reading a bible — holding it with both hands atop the steering wheel so that she could glance at the road every now and again.  I can only imagine the recent sins for which she needed forgiveness.  But I hope the imperfect-but-saved idiot was also praying for the safe transit of the drivers around her.


We and our load of antiques were easily cleared through the California Agricultural Inspection station (four lanes, no waiting) and arrived home safely despite the crazies on the road.

A Few More Steps Closer to Spain
Our first apostille-stamped document welcomed us home.  So this was a another week of progress toward our move to Spain.

— Furniture out of Vegas: Check.

— Apostille of Marriage Certificate: Check.

— Large donation of ToldemArt stock and supplies to Goodwill:  Check.

— Enjoying a performance of "Jersey Boys":  Check.
Well, that wasn't on the list, but we finally saw it and the show lived up to the hype.  We loved it.

We will be in Sevilla to find an apartment in less than two weeks.  And I got a new pair of traveling shoes today!

VELCRO FOR EASY OFF AND ON THROUGH SECURITY (and to drive Jerry nuts with the sound)


  1. Those long boring straight roads out west get people to engage in dangerous activities while driving...or drive dangerously while engaging in pastimes. Cool shoes. More than I ever wanted to know about Velcro. Happy New Year!

  2. Did'nt Jerry see the how the baby laughed and clapped at velcro?

  3. @cindy: Jerry can't even bring himself to watch the video past the first "scritch"!


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