Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Bus to the Protest March

Unable to upload my photos for some reason, so you just get words... Some nice pictures taken today will hopefully show up soon.

In case you're wondering, we had homemade (by Jerry) chicken soup last night and again tonight.  And it tasted just like chicken soup.  It sure is nice to be cooking [for Jerry to be cooking] at home.  Friday, we had breakfast in and then met another couple for coffee late morning.  They've been living here from the states for a few months and have been so generous with their time and insights.  We got to see their apartment, their neighborhood, and one of their favorite neighborhood cafes.  Cafe con leche all around, amazing cakes, and Jerry got to stuff himself with toast and jam (the local orange marmalade... from the oranges in all those trees).  Bliss!  We had creamy vegetable soup and hot sandwiches — out — for lunch.  So, no restaurant disasters on Friday!

The wind was blowing this morning (Saturday)... Well, it was already afternoon by the time we headed out for our coffee.  After coffee across the street, we planned to take the bus to the Museo Bellas Artes, the museum of fine arts.  We eventually made it, but while having coffee we discovered one of the main streets was closed for a protest march that was coming by.  We were able to get a bit of information from the sidelines that it was in protest of the privatization of government functions.  We'll have to get more information.  The marchers appeared to represent all different branches of government workers.

The Asker
As a result of the roadblock, we ended up walking all the way past the Barrio Santa Cruz, about 15 minutes, to finally meet up with our bus.  We got off the bus and Jerry got us a bit lost, so I asked directions... in Spanish.  I received directions... in Spanish... And I understood those directions and then got us to the museum.  Per Jerry's sister Linda, he is going to start calling me "Asker," short for "Ask her" or simply because I'm the "Asker."  

Jerry is picking up a Spanish word here and there and is doing well.  Sadly, his English has gotten worse.  And, as you know, being from South Dakota Jerry already spoke English as a second language.  

Actually, I don't think it has anything to do with South Dakota (especially since no one else in his family seems to have the same problem).  Jerry is just creative.

We went to a flamenco bar near the museum for lunch.  Flamenco only on Friday and Saturday nights, but a great inexpensive lunch, great service, and no embarrassments!  

The Martyrdom of the Saints
The museum was exceptional.  A bit more religion than I can usually tolerate, but the art was so good that I managed, and there was enough later non-religious art to ease my pain.  A surprisingly strong collection in a spectacular setting.  Originals by Goya and more.  We then took the bus home, napped, had chicken soup, and watched a movie on TV... once I figured out how to change from Spanish dubbing back to the original English.  It didn't help that all the menus on the TV in the living room were set to German!  Ach du lieber!  Could it be any more confusing!?!

Party Boy Jerry suggested going to a flamenco bar tonight, but I was lazy.  He didn't complain though about spending a night in for the first time since our arrival here.

Tomorrow, the big plan is to tour the inside of the cathedral.  It's free on Sundays.

During the week, we plan a day trip to Malaga and also to Cadiz.  Malaga is cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so utilities would be cheaper.  And housing is cheaper in general.  Also, we've heard some very nice things about Malaga.  So... still checking out our options and still in love with Sevilla.

Hasta manana (or maybe an extra day)!

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