Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

OK.  I'm tired.  And Jerry is hot (and I don't mean that in a good way right now).  Jerry is melting from the summer heat and we are both exhausted from the seemingly endless tasks we have created for ourselves (yes, we both fully admit that this is all our doing).  I will not whine — well, maybe just a little.  We are hot, tired, and overwhelmed because we have chosen a path that was guaranteed to make us hot, tired, and overwhelmed.  When we get some rest or sip mojitos at Carmela (our new home-away-from-away-from-home) while enjoying a late-night breeze on the Plaza Maria La Blanca, we smile and marvel at how much we have accomplished and how much we continue to accomplish every day.


The man from the electric company met me at the apartment Friday (he gave me 10 minutes notice).  He inspected our circuit breakers and gave his approval for our power to be turned on.  We still don't know WHEN the power will be turned on.  Perhaps Thursday or Friday.  Sadly, we thought this step had already been accomplished a week ago.  But, we will not dwell on that.  It's progress.  By the way, electricity is not referred to as electricity here.  Everyone calls it simply "luz," which means light.

I lost my temporary mobile phone.  I bought another temporary mobile phone.  We then ordered a ton of furniture at IKEA and I provided my new temporary mobile phone number so they could call an hour before delivery.  My new mobile phone was not working, which began a minor IKEA fiasco.  After three days and more than that number of calls to IKEA and the privately contracted delivery/assembly service, the furniture was delivered.  Friday night at 10:00 (and it was a surprise).  It's amazing to live in a city where furniture deliveries are still being made at 10 pm on a Friday.  But, remember, we have no "luz."  The furniture (an apartmentful) was delivered mostly in the dark (well, by the light of the moon).  And I was on my feet the entire time.  No furniture to sit on.


Jerry waited back at the hotel and we then met for dinner and mojitos at Carmela. At midnight.  It's also amazing to live in a city where you can get tapas dinner in a plaza at midnight and, a block away, gourmet ice cream (Belgian Chocolate is Jerry's favorite) at 1:00 in the morning.

I was told the furniture would be assembled Saturday (today).  What time?  No one could tell me.  Someone would call Saturday and let me know.  At 8:45 Saturday morning, the ringing of my now-working mobile phone woke me up.  The assemblers were on their way to the apartment and would be there in less than 20 minutes.  "I need an hour to get there," I said.


The assemblers arrived at the apartment an hour and 15 minutes later.  I had opened all the windows and doors to get a good breeze going.  No "luz" means no air conditioning.  And, to the apparent surprise of one of the "assemblers," after about 2 hours of working, no luz also meant no re-charging of cordless screwdrivers.  (He tried plugging it in anyway and then complained to me about the lack of "luz.")  These guys were amazing.  Four assemblers accomplished (easily and flawlessly) in a few hours what Jerry and I would have needed an entire week to do.  Anyway, another three hours on my feet and I then walked the 20 minutes back to the hotel to meet Jerry for lunch.

Missing are the coffee table, Jerry's bed frame, and the slats for my bed.  We knew the coffee table and bed frame were on back order and would be in early next week (which might mean Friday).  The missing slats were a surprise when the guys were assembling the bed.  Another trip to IKEA will probably be required to get everything finalized.  We still don't know when our personal goods will arrive from where they're being stored in England.

I have been doing most of these local tasks because the heat really is too much for Jerry.  He does what's needed (and what can be done in English) behind the scenes.  His time will come.


We have selected an internet plan, a telephone landline plan, cable television, and mobile service for us both.  There was a problem with the "system" that caused a delay in finalizing the paperwork Friday.  So, we'll get that completed Tuesday (Monday is a national holiday).  But, as the sales rep explained to me, they won't install anything until we have "luz."

Had we moved from Irvine to Palm Springs, I would be doing the same whining about all the research that's required, all the decisions that need to be made, all the hoops we have to jump through, all the bureaucracies to navigate... and the intolerable heat.  I remind myself every day that we are now — almost — living in Sevilla; and this is a major dream come true.

So, we'll sit in the dark.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Wow. I think I need a nap because I can feel your exhaustion after reading this!

    Well, I have to say, your floors and the view look wonderful. I'm so sorry you don't have luz yet. I'm crossing my fingers for you guys!!

  2. I read your story and at first I think, OMG that would be awful, then I see your views and I melt. What a dream come true. Soon Im sure after all is done all the hardship will be just a distant memory as you sit, drinking mojitos enjoying that blessed view.

    hugs friend

  3. Mitch, hope things will turn out good soon, that the luz will be switched on and you and Jerry can enjoy your own apartment with AC.

  4. Oh my gosh, Mitch it is so beautiful And you and Jerry are so brave to pick up and follow your dream. I am so impressed and so inspired. I am so glad that I found your blog.

  5. Dear power company... flick the bloody switch already - how hard can it be?! Such wasteful administration drives me nuts!
    You're almost there and well done on getting IKEA to assemble the furniture. Imagine how crabby you'd be after doing that with no A/C?!

  6. Natalie:
    Yep. Beautiful floors and views. I just had a nap; hope you now feel rested (I don't)!

    Thanks. Those cyber hugs sure feels good right now.

    What a fantasy. In the meantime, hotel luz and AC.

    Ah, sweet inspiration. I need another shot of that today.

    Jerry and I once proudly assembled 4 pieces from IKEA. Took us 3 hours and 2 redos. I do not at all understand why it takes so long to turn on the lights. But, mine is not to reason why. Mine is just to pay for a hotel room for an extra two weeks!

  7. Congratulations.

    I´m proud about you Mitch, all this suffering will make you success bigger.Keep learning.

    You show us everyday, how you can face different situations in the weird south of Spain...and believe me, you are doing a GREAT job.

    In a very nearly future you and Gerardo are gonna have Luz and AC, and all you utilites and you´ll enjoy your new Sevillian house.

    Meanwhile, give yourself a break and continue relaxing and enjoying Mojitos,tapas,Falemco,Seville, The Feria etc.

    Get ready for the taste of VICTORY! Best wishes!.

  8. Jazintosh: Thanks so much. And I need to definitely stop whining. This is NOT suffering by any means; simply a lot of stories to tell. Just got back from tapas, mojitos, helados, and a stroll in the hot and humid Sevillano night!

  9. Jazintosh: Thank you for the music!!!

  10. The little snippets of the apartment you give are very nice. I can't wait to see more. You will show more when you get more moved in, won't you?

    We don't have air conditioning at all up here. There are not enough hot days in the year to justify it. And we appreciate every hot day we get.

  11. Who needs TV when you have that view. Stunning.


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