Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, How I Wish That It Would Rain

Last week, I titled a post "Be Careful What You Wish For." Today reinforced that statement. It has been hot in Sevilla. This is not unusual. We know that it is always hot in Sevilla in July and August.  But, we haven't seen a drop of rain since our arrival 14 July.  So, I had been thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a little rain to freshen the air and wash the pavement."

Yesterday was 41 degrees (106F). Today dropped below 31 (88F). I thought it would feel cool after all this heat, so I suggested we take a walk to the plaza in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. There's an art show every Sunday morning with local artists displaying and selling their work.  We could then find a tapas bar nearby for lunch and we could then go to the movies. There's a movie theater a couple of streets away from there that shows movies in their original languages. There's always at least one in English.


We had breakfast at the hotel, I hustled Jerry out of the room early (well, 11:00), and we walked the 20 minutes or so to the museum.  Before we left the room, I read online that there was a 20 percent chance of rain.  This made it a bit more muggy than we had anticipated, but it was definitely significantly cooler.  We loved the sound of thunder in the distance as we walked by the Metropol Parasol.  But, the chance of rain was only 20 percent so, no big deal.  We arrived at the plaza under dark and cloudy skies.  That helped to cool the air, so we were grateful.


We immediately came upon an artist named Mercedes Paz.  She had beautiful paintings and drawings, many with a flamenco theme.  The subjects were interesting and edgy: dancers caught in repose and looking less exotic, groups and individuals caught behind the scenes when no one was supposed to be looking, flamenco dancers past their prime.  We fell in love with one very large watercolor crayon drawing of a proud, aging, and less-than-svelte dancer.  As we talked to the artist — and learned that she lived in Los Angeles 30 years ago and has a friend who owns an antique store in Santa Barbara — it began to rain.


Fortunately, Mercedes had shrink-wrapped all her drawings and water colors.  Although it didn't rain heavily, it came down steadily enough that all the artists packed up their things for the short-term. We sheltered under the huge fig trees in the plaza to protect our precious purchase (it was surprisingly inexpensive, by the way).


Jerry and I, wet and a little uncomfortable, decided to head over to our apartment a few minutes away to drop off our first Sevillano original.  The rain lessened as we walked and the sun came out.  The sun caused the streets and buildings to steam and this 31-degree day was suddenly much less tolerable than the recent 41-degree days.  I headed upstairs and dropped off the drawing.  Our moods and shirts had  dampened along with the day.  We took a cab back to our little air-conditioned room.  I sure hope this is our last Sunday in the hotel.

I went back out to the plaza and our apartment this afternoon to take some pictures.  Nobody, but nobody, is gonna rain on my parade! (And I have now renewed my gay card for another year. I wish getting a residency card were that easy.)


  1. oH, ANOTHER MAGICAL DAY in sevila....I adore art, and have a rather good collection going...I would love to visit the street fair, so amazing. And the piece you chose is perfect, look at her face, it tells many stories....beautiful.


  2. David: So glad you like the picture. It really makes me want to get out my sketchbook again.

  3. Fantastic art - I love that! It sounds a bit like the Santa Barbara art show on the beach on a Sunday - I'm sure you guys remember that?! Good luck for the "juice" tomorrow!

  4. Ah, I see that you've now got to learn how to be a true Sevillian (Is that the correct word?). Do they just shrug their shoulders at the weather, no matter which way it turns, or do they raise their eyes to heaven and curse?

    Speaking of which, I was somewhat bemused to hear about the Holy Father in Madrid, who, in mid-Mass yesterday, had to endure not only thunder, lightning and being pissed down on from above, but also having his skull-cap blown off, nonchalantly dismissing it all as a 'blessing from God'! Well, I have no doubt that if a rally in favour of, say, gay marriage was similarly weather-assaulted, that too would be interpreted as God's sanction, wouldn't it? ;-)

  5. Craig:
    I loved the Santa Barbara art show. What a great memory! This one is very small. I would imagine, given the size of the plaza, it would be well under 50 artists at its busiest (which it is definitely not right now). There were easily under 20 there today.

    Oh, I made the rain sound like a real event. All it actually did was "spit" for about 10 minutes. We then whined for 20. And, yes, isn't it ironic how God's will is conveniently interpreted.

  6. Barbara who?

  7. I'm going to be interested in hearing what winter turns out like in Sevilla. You'll be hearing me complain about cold and even snow, but you'll probably be enjoying "cool" temperatures near 20ºC!

  8. Walt the Fourth:
    Well, when we were here in January, it did get down to 11 for a few days. But, right now, that sounds like heaven.

  9. Love the drawing! What attitude.

  10. Mitch, before you know it you're settled, and then your designing/creating vibe gets a new sparkle. Before you know it you're on Museum Plaza too, selling your art. [only on cooler days of course]

  11. Peter:
    Please be right about everything!

  12. Nubian:
    She is wonderful. I'm tempted to go back and get another piece by the artist -- of a group of dancers sitting around after a performance.

  13. That drawing is wonderful. Get the other piece, why not!

    Mitch, you are remarkably tolerant as you wait to move into your apartment. I would be gibbering and incoherent with frustration! But of course that achieves nothing and only makes you feel bad.

  14. Judith:
    Lucky for you I don't write every terrible thought that passes through my head! But, you're right, I always come back to the reality that it serves no purpose.


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