Friday, October 13, 2017

Aicha, Listen To Me! / ¡Aicha, Escúchame!

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

OUR PAL LUKE (son of Kathleen and Pedro) will be 2 years old next month. If you'll remember, he had refused to say my name and had been calling me "Hiya." (Click here if you don't remember.) Whenever I or anyone would say, "Can you say 'Mitchell'?" Luke would snap "No," and then ¡Hiya!"

We were at their house for dinner the other night and I brought Luke a really fun puzzle. And now he says my name!

Well, he doesn't actually say Mitchell but he's got a name for me. And he likes to say it.


I'm Aicha (sounds like EYE-shah). And if I don't respond the first time, just say it again. Louder. It works for Luke.

P.S. We saw each other again yesterday. Luke called me Aicha. But, Kathleen told me whenever he plays with the puzzle, he says "Mitchell" repeatedly.

NUESTRO AMIGUITO LUKE (hijo de Kathleen y Pedro) tendrá 2 años el próximo mes. Si lo recuerdas, se había negado a decir mi nombre y me había estado llamando "Hiya". (Haz clic aquí si no lo recuerdas.) Siempre que yo o alguien dijéramos: "¿Puedes decir 'Mitchell'?", Luke saltaría "No", y luego ¡Hiya! "

Hemos alcanzado un nuevo hito. ¡Y ahora Luke dice mi nombre!

Bueno, en realidad no dice Mitchell, pero tiene un nombre para mí. Y le gusta decirlo.


Soy Aicha. Y si no respondo la primera vez, simplemente lo dice de nuevo. Más alto. Funciona para Luke.

PD: Nos vimos ayer. Luke me llamó Aicha. Pero, Kathleen me dijo que cada vez que juega con el rompecabezas, dice "Mitchell" repetidamente mientras juega.


And there's already a song about me!
With English subtitles.

¡Y ya hay un canción sobre mí!
Con subtitulos españoles.


  1. And boy the looks of face he isn't taken shit from anyone. He'll do it on his terms.

    1. Yes! You're tellin me! Sincerely, Luke's mother!

    2. mistress maddie:
      Kathleen knows! But Luke is the best behaved and most cooperative kid I've met. You just don't want to talk to him right after he's woken up from a nap!

  2. From the look on his face, he's messing with you and LOVING it!

    1. Bob:
      Really, he wasn't quite awake from his nap yet. But that's also the look you get if he's not quite sure about you.

  3. Replies
    1. Judy:
      Our friend Jessica's little sister called me Michi. Luke called(calls) me Aicha. I love them both. Much better than when the daughter of some old friends called me Bitch.

  4. That look! He Is having some fun!


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