Sunday, August 19, 2018

I Know About Popular / Sé Como Ser Popular

La versión español está después de Goofy (Tribulín).

MY PAL LUKE (2-1/2 years old) is away for the summer. I miss him terribly.

Luke's parents, Kathleen and Pedro, are away with him; I miss them terribly, too.

But I really, really, really miss Luke.

Before they left, they sent me a video of Luke and Pedro discussing dinner.

"Where do you want to go for dinner?" Pedro asked.

"Mitchell," was Luke's response.

"For dinner... do you want pizza?"


"But do you want pizza or Mitchell?"

And, after a moment's thought, Luke's final answer was, "Mitchell."
• • 
While San Geraldo and I were in Washington DC, I got to see my cousins' (Carol and Paul), three grandchildren. We spent a few hours together at the National Building Museum.

Al and John have 15-month-old Casey. Casey was kind enough to share (try to share) his food with me; out of his mouth into mine. I felt loved.

Lindsey and her husband Mark have two children. I had met Lily three years ago. She's now 5. She got a fancy little notebook in the museum gift shop and immediately drew a picture for me.

Lily's brother Owen is almost 2. His uncle Al emailed me last week to tell me he had spoken with Carol and Paul. They were taking care of Owen for the day. He loves to point at the photos on the wall and say who the people are. "Mommy!" "Daddy!" he says. Well, that day, he pointed to a picture of Casey at Disneyworld and said, "Cousin Mitchell!"

I wonder if Goofy was in the background.

MI COMPADRE LUKE (2-1/2 años) está de vacaciones durante el verano. Lo extraño terriblemente.

Sus padres, Kathleen y Pedro, están lejos con él; yo tambien los extraño terriblemente.

Pero realmente, realmente, extraño a Luke.

Antes de irse, me enviaron un video de Luke y Pedro discutiendo sobre la cena.

"¿A dónde quieres ir a cenar?" Pedro preguntó.

"Mitchell" fue la respuesta de Luke.

"Para la cena ... ¿quieres pizza?"


"¿Pero quieres pizza o Mitchell?"

Y, después de un momento de reflexión, la respuesta final de Luke fue: "Mitchell".
• • •
Mientras San Geraldo y yo estábamos en Washington DC, vi a los tres nietos de mis primos (Carol y Paul). Pasamos unas horas juntos en el National Building Museum. 

Al y John tienen Casey, 15 meses de edad. Casey tuvo la amabilidad de compartir (intentar de compartir) su comida conmigo, de su boca a la mía. Me sentí amado.

Lindsey y su marido Mark tienen dos hijos. Conocí a Lily hace tres años. Ahora ella tiene 5 años. Ella consiguió un cuaderno pequeño y elegante en la tienda de regalos del museo y de inmediato hizo un dibujo para mí.

El hermano de Lily, Owen, tiene casi 2 a ños. Su tío Al me envió un correo electrónico la semana pasada para decirme que había hablado con Carol y Paul. Estaban cuidando a Owen por el día. A Owen le encanta señalar las fotos en la pared y decir quiénes son las personas. "¡Mamá!" "¡Papi!" él dice. Bueno, ese día, señaló una foto de Casey en Disneyworld y dijo: "¡Primo Mitchell!"

Me pregunto si Tribilín estaba en el fondo.


It's not about aptitude; it's the way you're viewed...

No es cosa de aptitud; sino actitud.


  1. @Travel-Children made me old and tired. I don't know who this "they" is, but "they" need to shut up! I don't mind the ones you can load up with sugar and send back :)

    You do know the cutest kids, Mitchell.

    1. Deedles:
      Ha! As I told Travel, I think children only keep us young if they're not our own... and even then... Yeah, "they" do say an awful lot.

  2. That's the sweetest thing ever!

  3. How sweet! Every child needs an Uncle Mitchell to love. ❤

    1. Jennifer:
      I do love kids (usually) and I guess they can tell I relate on their level!

  4. You're more popular than pizza?

    1. Adam:
      Can you imagine?!? How many people can say THAT?

  5. You got a drawing with sunshine, a heart, flowers, and a little girl. How wonderful is that? And to be more popular than pizza is quite the feat.

    1. Wilma:
      Lily is a fascinating little girl. Sweet, smart, and so loved by her parents. The drawing is a keeper. And, Luke, I could go on for days about Luke. My best pal!

  6. What wonderful May their innocence of youth not be lost.....

  7. the comment got mixed

    What wonderful stories.... May their innocence of youth not be lost....

    1. Kent:
      I got it figured out! I just wrote a text message to a friend and she wondered if after such a brief time in Spain, I was already speaking broken English. And I agree, may they always maintain at least some part of their sweet innocence.

  8. Seems kids really like you, Mitchell! You have a special presence around children and they pick up on that. Lucky you.
    You are Ron have something in common.....children are very interested in him as well.

    1. Jim:
      Jerry talks about how he smiles and talks to kids and I immediately get down on the floor and play with them. I sincerely love kids ... someone else's kids!

  9. Travel:
    They also say children age us rapidly. Maybe they keep us young if they're not our own.

  10. People love you! What can you do?! Did I tell you we were talking about Luke's birthday (you know birthdays are a favorite topic) and I asked him who he wanted to invite and Mitchell was his very first answer!

    1. KMoff:
      Oh, I needed that. I need you, Pedro, and Luke, too. ASAP!


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