Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dessert Deconstructed / Postre Deconstruido

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

HAVE YOU EVER seen this term on a menu? DECONSTRUCTED

A simple definition is: Dishes in which ingredients that are normally combined together are presented separately. Consumers are invited to re-assemble them in order to recreate the dish in their own way.

Um, that sounds like COOKING to me.

The trend apparently began right here in Spain in the 1990s. Chef Ferran Adría started it at the restaurant elBulli in the town of Roses on the Costa Brava in northeastern Spain (more than 1,100 km/680 miles from here).

Tynan noted that San Geraldo picked up on the trend the other night when we both had Milhojas for dessert at Mesón Salvadór.

San Geraldo eats things one at a time. As in, first the meat. Then the potatoes. (Now stop it!) Then on to the vegetables. He did the same with his milhojas.

On the other hand, I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings. (Seriously. That's how I've approached food since childhood.) When I ate M&Ms, I would sort them into colors and eat one of one color, one of the next, etc. So at dinner, in each forkful I will take a bit of meat, a bit of potato, and a bit of vegetable. And I never split an OREO. I wouldn't want the chocolate wafers to think I preferred the sweet creme filling. (OK, I might have split one OREO, but I've felt guilty ever since.)

¿HAS VISTO ESTE término en un menú? DECONSTRUIDO

Una definición simple es: Platos en los que los ingredientes que normalmente se combinan juntos se presentan por separado. Se invita a los consumidores a volver a montarlos para recrear el plato a su manera.

Um, eso me parece COCINAR.

La tendencia aparentemente comenzó aquí en España en la década de 1990. El chef Ferran Adría lo inició en el restaurante elBulli en el pueblo de Roses, en la Costa Brava, en el noreste de España (a más de 1.100 km / 680 millas de aquí).

Tynan notó que San Geraldo se dio cuenta de la tendencia la otra noche cuando nos dos comimos milhojas en Mesón Salvadór.

San Geraldo come cosas de uno en uno. Como en — primero la carne. Entonces las patatas. (¡Ahora basta!) Luego, las verduras. Él hizo lo mismo con sus milhojas.

Por otro lado, no me gusta herir los sentimientos de nadie. (En serio. Así es como me he acercado a la comida desde la infancia.) Cuando comía los M&Ms, los clasificaba en colores y comía uno de un color, uno de los siguientes, etcetera. Entonces, cuando ceno, en cada bocado me llevo un poco de carne, un poco de patatas, y un poco de verduras. Y nunca dividí una OREO. No quisiera que las galletas chocolates creyeran que yo prefería el dulce cremoso del centro. (OK, quizá hubiera dividido un OREO, pero desde entonces me siento culpable).



  1. I have loads to say about the M&Ms but I'm'a let it go because I'm feeling nice .... for a change.

  2. I do some soups that have a dollop or scattering of things and also desserts that have separate ingredients in layers. My husband always stirs it all together before he eats those things - irritates me because the pleasure of each bite being different is lost to him as well as the effort I went to presenting them. I might as well just toss it all in a blender.

  3. I don't know what a milhojas is, but it looked amazing before it was ravaged by scavengers! What you did to M&Ms, I used to do to Trix cereal. Took me forever to finish eating :) You guys are too adorable!

    1. Deedles,
      It translates to 1000 pages (or leaves), layer upon layer of flakey pastry and creme filling. So many versions. This one is especially light and delicious.

  4. Seems like a high school cafeteria, but with much better food.

    1. Kirk,
      Is that because of the way Jerry plays with his food?

  5. I separate m&m's by color and eat all of one color at a time.
    I twist the tops off oreo cookies.
    I like to peel the layers of baklava from the top to the bottom.
    I never eat vegetables.

    1. anne marie,
      To me, if you’re going to separate OREOs, the only way to do it is with a twist. But your poor M&Ms.

  6. I think you could call that dessert desecration rather than deconstruction...aren't they meant to be savored with every flavor combining? Tell him no more dessert until he its it right bahaha

  7. I generally like a mixture of tastes and textures in one bite, with one major exception - the bacon can never be allowed to even touch the syrup. It is intersting to see all the responses to your post!

  8. Isn't Ferran Adría responsible for the foam trend? I hate foam on the plate in restaurant meals. I mean, really, all that money for little balls of air. It usually just looks like spittle. Very appetizing. Not. /rant

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      That’s the guy. I actually had some garbanzo foam in a restaurant. Ridiculous.


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